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How many users can PDM Standard support? Is the upgrade to PDM Professional difficult?

Question asked by Stephen Choi on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Steve Ostrovsky

We currently use Workgroup PDM very lightly (basically only for the check-in/check-out features) but like every other Workgroup user we will soon be forced into using either PDM Standard or PDM Professional. After some research it seems like Standard would be the most obvious choice for our workflow (12 users almost never at the same time with very limited use).


The issue is our VAR is really trying to push Professional on us with the convenient excuse that Standard has "never been used with more than 5 users" and so they can't guarantee its performance and going from Std to Pro later is going to be costly. . .


My questions are:

Has anyone had any experience using PDM Standard with more than 5 users?

If we go with Standard and end up having to upgrade to Professional, what kind of work is required for that transition?


They are asking for +$10k (this doesn't even include training) just to migrate us from Workgroup to PDM Standard which many have said seems a bit high. I just want to get some unbiased info on what PDM Std is really capable of and what it takes to migrate from Workgroup to PDM Std or PDM Std to PDM Pro. . .