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Long shot - cosmos/M issues

Question asked by John Kecsmar on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by John Kecsmar

I have been using Cosmos/M for almost 25 years - still can't give it up. It works great. More robust than the 'light' version embedded in SW.


Anyway, this is a long shot. For some reason since today whenever i create a new model in cosmos and try to check the model or even run it, it disappears and closes down. I open up an old file....perform the same, no problems, it works. It seems on new models that i create are having this issue.


So, I monitored the new files it creates and I notice 2 files suddenly being created as it does this 'melt' down.


One called X and is windows batch file and then the other GeoBat1.bat which is also listed as a windows batch file. I have never ever seen these in the 25 years of using Cosmos/M. It appears what ever is going on is related to these files and the creation of them.


What is going on and why?..and more can I stop it so I can run my models again?


I do realise there is probably no one out there that can assist as it is an old XP format program pre SW too...but hey, i'll give it a short