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Dimension Tolerance/Precision Errors x64

Question asked by Dennis Bowman on Sep 30, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2008 by Tom Nicholson
Experiments confirm a bug in SW2009 SP0 x64 causes the Dimension Property Manager to fail if the user selects any Tolerance/Precision type. The - (minus) value input box trys to convert all values to a negative value then requests the user to input a value greater than a small positive number and less than a large postive number. There is no way for the user to enter any number!... they all become less than zero.

Further, the tolerance precision parameter change to 8 places

Further, the Fit with Tolerance selection fails completely and locks up the Dimension Property Manager.

None of these problems are evident on another machine with SW2009 SP0 x32.

Problem machine is descibed in my signature. Video Card is AMD FireGL 7200 with Solildworks verified x64 driver.

No other programs running (I run this machine naked... no virus or other protection software...) This machine only has Solidworks, MathCAD 14, Rhino 4.0, excel 2003, CFDesign.

Is there some setting I am missing? How do I post a SR?

By the way, SW2009 SP0 x64 screams... REALLY fast!