Peter Brinkhuis

What's your view on drawings?

Discussion created by Peter Brinkhuis on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hi all,


It seems that every company I visit treats 2D drawings differently.


Some create full drawings, some include only minimal dimensions and some just send STEP files to their manufacturers and complain afterwards.


I usually don't really enjoy making drawings, but I clearly see the advantage of creating them. Manufacturers I visited still print every drawing that they receive because they can add notes and transfer information between people and departments.


That's why I was wondering what you, SolidWorks gurus of the universe, consider the best approach in this. I have learned a lot already from the Your best tricks topic, I hope the same will happen here.


To give the topic a little bit of structure, I made a list of questions:


  1. What, in your view, are the main advantages and disadvantages of drawings?
  2. Does your company use (make/ produce from) drawings?
  3. Do you make the drawings of the parts that you designed, or does someone else do that?
  4. Do you create drawings for in-house production or for clients?
  5. Do you see 2D drawings being used in ten years time?
  6. What would be the next step? STEP models and dimXpert?