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installation failure

Question asked by Gary Cocchetto on Sep 12, 2016



I just attempted an install over the web of SolidWorks 2016 Premium which I got from school for a CAD class.  Everything went okay, except the SolidWorks Electrical portion failed during installation.  The failure message occurred just after the installation asked me to close a few applications (such as Apple, iTunes and SQL processes).  Then I got a message that it could not initialize something with SQL.  Possibly because I just finished terminating a couple SQL processes.


The rest of the installation went fine.  I am running 64-bit Win 10 and I used Microsoft Edge (IE) to complete the installation as advised by my instructor.


Attached are the logs generated by the failure. 


I don't technically need the Electrical portion of SolidWorks as I am in a mechanical program and none of our class work will include electrical components or designs.  I just don't want it to affect use of the rest of the package.