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How do I extrude a partial part of a cylinder?

Question asked by Eran Rundstein on Sep 12, 2016
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So I created a cylinder by extruding two circles (one inside the other). I now want to create another cylinder like that and have a few pieces join the two.

I managed to do it by making one wide cylinder and using a pattern cut as seen in reel1.JPG how ever that is not good enough as the hack using an extruded rectangular cut results in "joining braces" between the two cylinders that have an angle and do not really match the circular shape (I hope that makes sense...)

In addition, this way I am unable to specify how wide these joining braces are, as they are a result of cutting out the rectangular extrusion and ideally I would be able to specify something like "5 joining braces, each 1cm wide when laid over the circular part"