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Save configurations of hidden parts in large assemblies for drawings?

Question asked by Mick Triplett on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Mick Triplett

One thing I run into in large assemblies is needing to hide parts/assemblies in drawing views for clarity. Currently I go into each drawing view, and hide the parts in the assembly tree for that drawing view, and I'll do this multiple times (typically I show a top/side/front/iso view).


It would be nice there were some way to hide the parts in the assembly as a configuration so that when I'm doing drawings (especially of piping interconnects) I could quickly say this drawing uses this configuration of the assembly (that has this vessel, and these piping interconnects hidden). On the second sheet, I'd like to show this vessel with only these interconnects. Obviously I can hide parts in the assembly and save it as a separate assembly and just show the drawing for that assembly, but if I make an edit to the assembly, all the other assemblies saved for view wouldn't be updated.

I may not have described that well, hopefully that makes sense.