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    Exporting 3d spline to IGES

    Darren Ross

      When I export to IGES, my 3D splines become flattened -- all curvature is removed. Pls see the attached part -- there's a 3D Spline on Surface.

      This seems to be a new issue in 2016 (worked fine in 2014).


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Bill Toft

          I do not know the details of the IGES format specs, but my first assumption was that your 3D sketch was not fully defined, so I added dimensions until it turned black. Same straight-line result.

          Then I assumed the issue was the 3D sketch was not supported by IGES, so I created a new plane (using the end points of the 3D sketch to get the right angle) then added a 3 point arc that started and ended at the 3D sketch. I then dimensioned it. SUCCESS!

          Conclusion: There is more than one way to skin a cat.

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            Paul Salvador

            Darren,... Bill offered workarounds (thanks) which for some reason make no sense (imho) but work?

            ..but you are correct.. there is something wrong with SW2016sp4

            Also, if you tried STEP, there is something wrong the the import/export as well!  (sweet)

            btw,  the iges/step imports into Rhino3D with the exception of.. yes, the last sketch.. it lost the curvature as well!? (joy)


            SW Corp has broken the iges and STEP export and import plugins AGAIN and they need to fix it!

            ..and that means, we have to pay for it!??   Ask for a REFUND!



            ...SO MUCH FUN!.............or, LOST $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ... and TIME................?  



            p.s.,... the easy workaround,.. (BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER FIX THIS)... do a copy edge of the 3dsketch (that is, double your workaround pleasure).. or, use the 3dsketch in a surface extrude. (just another workaround to get you past the sooooooo much fun limitations... )

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              Darren Ross

              Thanks for the replys guys.


              I've found a couple workarounds - one in SW, one in my CAM software. Unfortunately, Bill's workaround isn't really feasible -- the sample I provided wasn't totally representative. The actual part is a conical surface with between 21-30 (fully defined) 3d splines on it, so their radii vary from one to the next.


              The (PITA) SW workaround is to flatten the 3D splines, then individually project them back onto the surface as a curve. This is exported correctly.


              The original 3D Splines on Surface exported perfectly fine in SW2014, but is definitely broken in 2016 (not sure if it's broken in 2015 or not). How do I go about submitting a fix request?


              Thanks again