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    EPDM file state on solidworks drawing BOM

    Shawn Casebolt

      I have a a need to do exactly as the title states.   We would like the state of the file to show up on the drawing BOM.  However I am unsure how to push that variable from EPDM into SW.  Is this possible?

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          Peter Brinkhuis

          The best way to get any file property to show up in the bill of materials is by adding a custom property to every file. There probably already is a custom property present that holds the file status. Otherwise you can look at the manual on how to add one.


          You can then add a column to an existing BOM, left click the column header letter and select Column Property (almost on the right side of all the options). Select Custom Property and then the property of your choice. Save the BOM as the new template and you're good to go.

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            Michael Dekoning


            While you are getting valid instruction on how to accomplish this, I am curious as to what your objective is by adding the "State" column to the BOM on the drawing. I can foresee a situation arising where the state of some component files change while the assembly does not, thus making the "State" column information inaccurate. Just some food for thought.

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                Shawn Casebolt

                Well I am doing everything everyone is instructing, but its not pushing thru.  So I am obviously doing something wrongor missing a link somehow.  I will have to continue to trouble shoot.  It looks good in EPDM.


                In regards to the why, it is more of a helpful FYI for engineers and purchasing.  What we have occurring is that our engineers are not remembering to fully release all parts.  They are in and out of jobs, putting things on hold, releasing etc..  Then when planning goes into EPDM and opens files (they can not see things on hold or not released). This then causes issues.  So the thought was that when the engineers print a drawing and take it out to the shop, this is a nice quick visual if everything is released.


                It used to be that people were just always checkmarking to change state on EVERY file in an assy, regardless of needing it or not.  That was of course causing bigger issues.  So now that habit is somewhat broken.  Bottom line, they dont like scrolling thru the SW dialouge box and trying to understand what part numbers need transitioned and what does not.  A quick look at the assy drawing they are releasing gives them the information.


                I agree with you on the potential issue with sub-assy's.  We are just looking at this as something that would "help" alleviate some issues.  Not necessarily fix them / be a magic bullet.  Unfortunaly we crank out so many parts, drawings and assy's that the method of "you must do this", doesnt work.  Thus looking for some kind of visual aid.  There is the contains tab in EPDM but we use the "drawing bill" which will not show the state................until I get it on the drawing.