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How to make 1:1 or 100% PDFs?

Question asked by Steven Mills on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Steven Mills

I've been asked to make 1:1, or also known as 100% PDFs of parts. But I don't see any option in SW to do that. Even when I make a 1:1 DXF of the part and try to turn it into a PDF, well even the largest PDF sizes can be too small for many parts. Is there a way to just make a PDF of the size needed to display an entire part that I am not aware of? Or do I just tell people that I can make it a size *insert paper size* PDF and they will have to just re-scale it themselves?


Just brainstorming here - Or how about a tool/macro that makes as many PDF 1:1 pages as necessary to detail an entire part, even when that part is (for example) is over 20' long by 15' high?