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Dimensioning Question

Question asked by Tim Coble on Sep 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2008 by Eddie Cyganik
I know if I have 2 dims that are very close I can offset one of the extension lines when using ordinate dimensioning. Is there a way to do this for other types of dimensions. The attached jpeg is from an old ACAD drawing for a part I used as a basis for a new model. You can see that the 2 diameters are very close in value and, without the offset, it would be difficult to distinguish between them.

I know I could fake it in: draw sketch lines, dimension and overwrite the value. But is there a "proper way" to do it"?

What isn't shown on the attached is the level of detail that was involved on the left side that I was fortunately able to delete from my new design so I just moved the dimension to the left. But if you couldn't move the dimension, how would you solve the problem?

Looking forward to seeing your responses.