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    search solidworks configuration in EPDM

    Loui Leclerc

      Hey guys,


      So I have created a custom search card with most of our variables. I added the configurations search as you can find on the complete search tool, but the complete search tool will return a list, or the file in under 10 seconds searching the entire vault, while the one i added to my card, will return the list after a few minutes,  and you can scratch a few seconds off even if I search in the folder where this configuration is. I've create form scratch and also tried to just copy the controls from the complete card.


      Anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen? is there a hidden control or something? Or is it searching for all empty fields as well??


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          Terry Griffith

          It is difficult to troubleshoot something like this without reviewing the card, but i would see if

          adding the search in all versions check box to the card impacts it positively and then review any default values

          saved in the card.


          I find a good approach to search card design is not to go from zero to 60 but rather start with something working and then incrementally

          test it after a few modifications.  That will help you isolate where your design changes take a u-turn.


          Sorry about all the car parallels!



          Good luck!

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            Loui Leclerc

            Found the issue!


            So when I use the "History text" variable, it searches through all the history variables (label, comments, config, variables,etc.) The default value is set to true. To solve this, I added all of them to my data Card. However, I went to the default values in the card properties. You can preset to false the history search criteria (or other variables) from here. So to start a search only my configs are true the other criteria are false. You don't have to show them on the data card either.