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    Finding Parts in the Vault

    Glenn Douglas
      We have a few assemblies that have been created outside of our Enterprise vault. I these cases the assemblies reference several parts that reside inside our vault, but because the assembly was created outside the vault these file were copied to a network directory and references copies location not the vault files.

      We have checked in the top level file and deleted the copies of the duplicate files. So now when we open the assembly we get a number of errors locateing files. Example below:

      Unable to locate the file C:\PDME_Vault\Engineering Data\TP\Mechanical\900315.SLDPRT. Would you like to find it yourself?

      The way we are doing it now is manualy clicking through the vault directories and finding the files when we open the assembly.

      Our vault is setup to not allow duplicate file names. Is there a way to automatically search the vault for the 'missing' files. The vault doesn't allow duplicate file names, so there will be only one 900315.SLDPRT.

        • Finding Parts in the Vault

          There is no current capability to have the SolidWorks search routine do a search on the Enterprise PDM vault view to find missing references. If the SolidWorks search routine does not find the files (the search routine is described in SW Help) the browse dialog will be shown. Once the files are located via the browse, the reference will be updated once the file is saved in SW.


          • Finding Parts in the Vault
            Amit Chen
            In addision to Calvin,
            you can export import the PDME external references setting to all the users by exporting the registry key:
            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\Vaults\VaultName\PageXRef\ExtraDirs