Rob Rodríguez

if You Post Them, They Will Vote

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Sep 28, 2008
Images for PhotoWorks Rendering contest # 31 have been posted for voting. Yes, PhotoWorks Rendering Contest # 31, I can't believe it either. When I hosted the 1st contest I never would have guessed there would still be enough interest to keep holding them 31 months later. Vote for your favorite image now.

With that said, the model for PhotoWorks Rendering Contest # 32 has been posted. Since it's football season I thought this would be an appropriate model. After voting for your favorite image download the helmet model and create an entry for the October contest. Remember, now that SolidWorks has introduced PhotoView 360 contestants are free to use both PhotoView 360 and PhotoWorks to create an image.