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    Failiure on Simulation

    Koen Menke

      Hello readers,


      Next half year im on internship and using solidworks simulation a lot.


      But... i've a major problem when making simulations.
      When I add thermal loads the laptop is lagging enourmously!
      Can't turn my model anymore becouse it instantly freezes and pops up the "program not working" wait or close.


      Laptop i'am using:
      Lenovo Y50
      i7 4710HQ 2.5-3.4gHz 8 core threading
      Nvidea GTX860 M 2GB
      8 gb RAM


      Specs must be enough!
      Processor does not even reach 30% load.
      Videocard sometimes 5% max.


      Read something about cuda cores, GTX860M has cuda 1156 or 620

      Have tried everything in options doesnt make a diffrence!


      Does some one has an answer for this laggy problem





      Thanks in advance,