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    Auto-recovery issues: How do you have your auto-recovery set?

    Sarah Dwight

      I deleted a drawing view by accident and Ctrl+Z-ed to undo.

      SW experienced a problem and had to close, so the auto-recovery setting kicked in and saved my files. Yay, right?


      "An error was encountered while trying to open your file. Contact Technical Support for a possible solution."


      Why do I even bother with that setting?

      Half the time it doesn't save a recovery file and the other half I get junk like this.

      There have been times where SW just spins its wheel that I have to end it with task manager.

      On those occasions it usually saves an auto-recovery files from 30 minutes prior, though my settings are at every 1 minute.

      Is that the problem? Can SW not save the auto-recover info every 1 minute? Am I asking too much?

      Does anyone use the auto-recover settings?

      Do you find that it works?

      How do you have them set?