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Question: In all countries, as well?

Question asked by Pavel Anohhin on Sep 8, 2016
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Question: In all countries, as well?

Offer to buy a license SW Premium SNL (8000EUR + VAT)

with a mandatory subscription for at least 1 year 1800EUR + VAT (can not refuse)

in the subscription includes the cost of the program (bug fixes) update (self-respecting company released its free fix errors)

the price includes "the support": which offers the first thing first reinstall SW / PDM (data base 300, -Gb), then the Windows, or buy a new HP Workstation or Dell, as the assembled system based Gigabite / Intel are not certified and accredited by this company


for such support is necessary to pay 1800 + VAT per year?


If we bought a license, we ended SUBSCRIPTION

then 5 years later, when we want to update the program shall show SW2012 to SW2017, we require prepay subscription for all the years that we have been without a subscription


we bought a license in 2011 (SW2012) + subscription (8000 + 1800 + VAT) (Subscription not extended)

in 2016 we decided to upgrade to the SW2017 and we need to pay 9000 + VAT (1800EUR x 5 years)

and this for each license


Everywhere and only in our country?