Basil Gello

eDrawings does not recognize customized standards in SW drawings?

Discussion created by Basil Gello on Sep 28, 2008

Trying to print out a drawing created in SW2008 with the modified GOST dimensioning standard (because the original one does not fulfill the newest referent documents in my country) on the other machine using eDrawings, I realized that I was unable to print the drawing as required (i.e the custom section cut markers go like in ISO standard etc), despite of eDrawing had to support GOST standard as a part of SolidWorks and all the modifications of a target standard were saved in the SLDDRW file itself. So, how can I make it printing correctly with the custom standards, if I can not use SW core on a target computer? Should I tune up eDrawings for some way or to use SW Explorer instead?

Regards, Basil.