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Will the Top Ten List be handled differently this year?

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by David Matula

This question is directed at Jim Wilkinson, Jody Stiles and anyone else at SWX that is in such a position to answer.


In the past the Top Ten Wish List has been a very active place, but it has only been temporary.  It opens sometimes around the rollouts (October?) and closes for new contributions in mid-December (I think), but the problem I see is that it completely vanishes from this forum around the end of SWX World.  Why?


There have been many discussions on this forum asking for past Top Ten lists to be available to search.  These lists not only have good ideas, but often they overtake the regular forum and become places where tips and advice are given.  This helpful information is unavailable once the list is taken down.


In addition, these lists are inherently a solicitation by SWX to the user community to suggest improvements to the software.  To me that sounds like a request for Enhancement Requests, yet it is not called that. I have to believe that all the suggestions posted in the Top Ten lists are considered by SWX as a defacto Enhancement Request, yet they are not logged into the formal ER system so there is no visibility and no tracking.


I've aired my gripes about the forum being a better place for new ideas and their subsequent formative discussions than the current ER system.  The Top Ten list is an even more pointed example of that.


So my actual question is this:  Will the Top Ten list disappear from our view after SW World?  If the answer is yes can you help me understand why this is the plan?


I can understand the lists having their own section of the forum, but I think the information should remain available to the community.  If it will not have a life of more than a few months then I can foresee many people double-posting on this forum as well just so their information doesn't vanish.