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Beginner Macro help

Question asked by Jonathan Poole on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

I need help!  I have always got by doing small edits/ cut and paste/ reading a little (when I have time) but for the most part I have found macro deciphering to be like figuring out hieroglyphics without the help of the Rosetta Stone.  What I am trying to do is write the code for a

combo-box like below, simple I am sure.

Here is the list.  I know that if I can get this it would be a big help (in my learning) where I have writing macros for populating the custom properties down.  Which is most of what we need to do.

cboMaterial.AddItem "ALUMINUM, 6061-T6"

cboMaterial.AddItem "ALUMINUM TOOL PLATE, MIC6"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STAINLESS STEEL, 300 SERIES"

cboMaterial.AddItem "ACETAL (DELRIN), BLACK"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, AISI 1020"

cboMaterial.AddItem "SEE NOTE"

cboMaterial.AddItem "SEE CUT LIST"

cboMaterial.AddItem "SEE PARTS LIST"


cboMaterial.AddItem "ALUMINUM, 7075-T6"

cboMaterial.AddItem "ALUMINUM, 5052-H32"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, AISI 1018"

cboMaterial.AddItem "LOW CARBON FLAT GROUND"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STAINLESS STEEL, TYPE 303"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STAINLESS STEEL, TYPE 304"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STAINLESS STEEL, TYPE 316"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STAINLESS STEEL, TYPE 440C"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, AISI 4130"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, ASTM A36"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI A2"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI A6"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AIS O1"

cboMaterial.AddItem "DRILL ROD, AISI O2"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI O2"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI S7"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI D2"

cboMaterial.AddItem "STEEL, TOOL,  AISI M2"

cboMaterial.AddItem "ACETAL (DELRIN), WHITE"

cboMaterial.AddItem "ABS BLACK"

cboMaterial.AddItem "POLYCARBONATE, CLEAR"

cboMaterial.AddItem "POLYCARBONATE, GREY"