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    SOLIDWORKS API  “SetArrowHeadStyle2”

    Frank Wu Frank Wu

      Hello everyone!


      I want to change all the arrows' type to swDOT_ARROWHEAD  (3 = Filled circle) by SOLIDWORKS API  : “SetArrowHeadStyle2”  . But I don't konw how to write code, Who Can do me a favour




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          Scott Stuart

          Do you really want to change individual arrows' style, or do you want to change the document properties as shown below?


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            William Cruz

            This is part of something that I worked on a while back. It should get you going in the right direction:


                                /*FORMAT THE ANNOTATION*/
                                Annotation tmpAnno = _swNote.GetAnnotation();
                                /*FORMAT THE ARROW HEAD*/
                                if (chkBentLeader.Checked)
                                    tmpAnno.SetLeader3((int)swLeaderStyle_e.swBENT, (int)swLeaderSide_e.swLS_SMART, false, false, false, false);
                                    tmpAnno.SetLeader3((int)swLeaderStyle_e.swSTRAIGHT, (int)swLeaderSide_e.swLS_SMART, false, false, false, false);
                                /*CHANGE THE ARROW HEAD*/
                                tmpAnno.SetArrowHeadStyleAtIndex(-1, (int)swArrowStyle_e.swDOT_ARROWHEAD);