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Covering loop surfaces with the Curve Driven Pattern.

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on Sep 7, 2016

Hi everybody,


I am trying to drive a small cube along a closed curve making lots of copies to cover different solids and then cut out the pattern where there is no solid face to cover.

The problem comes when I try to determine the number of copies, I can't find the way to surpass a particular number that the feature is displaying.


QUESTIONS(Process screenshots attached)

1. What is the best way to use the Curve Driven Pattern to reach copies enough to run the complete closed curve and the height of the solids to cover?

2. Should I use a different feature instead of Curve Driven Pattern to do it? Maybe to cover only surfaces and avoid the cutting out step??


Thank you very much!


Image 1: Closed curve and cube to pattern:


Image2: Solids to cover with the pattern:


Image3: Placement detail (the cube is aligned with the middle axis):


Image 4: Maxium number of instances allowed (note that I'm requesting 300 instances in both directions to make a clear example):