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    Surface Cut

    Andrew Ahlberg

      SW Experts,

      How can I create a cut in a part with a surface from another part in assm mode?

      Basically I have a part with a clearance surface around it and I want to create a cut in the mating part with this surface. When I edit the part in asembly mode and go to cut with surface I can not slect the surface from the other part.

      Thanks in advance

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          Steven Dinsdale
          This might help: make sure you have "No External References" turned off.
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              Philippe Keirse
              I'm not an expert, but I only try to help you.
              You can do with "surface trim".
              Activate the part you want to cut,
              and select the other surface part as the cut tool.
              You can choose remove or keep selection.

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                  While you are editing the part in the assembly you can use either the knit surface or offset surface command using the surface you want to cut with. This will create a surface in the part file you are editing that you can now use to cut with.
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                      Andrew Gower
                      You can also draw the shape you need cut out from a near parallel plane and use the split line to project it onto your suurface - from there you can use
                      -delete face - to delete just the shape you projected..

                      For your assembly draw a 3d sketch of the perimiter of the surface you want to use to cut and - use transform edges in 3d sketch mode then project that 3d sketch onto the surface you want to cut and - delete face -
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                  Roland Schwarz
                  I prefer to do things like this in three steps:

                  1. Copy the desired surfaces to the part in-context using offset.
                  2. use the offset surface to make your cut
                  3. (optional but preferred) use "Delete Bodies" to get the surface out of your way.

                  Yes, it is one or two extra features.
                  No, it does not appreciably affect your rebuild time.
                  This is far more robust and will withstand unforeseen changes and lost references better than just making the cut in assembly context.