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White appears like light grey

Question asked by Rocío Rodríguez on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Rocío Rodríguez

I have SW 2016 prfessional. When I need an object to look white, I choose among the appearences => solid color => white but I alwoys get a light grey. It happens with any other white appearence too.

Now I am working with a large assembly, I need a face to look white, but what I get is this light grey.

This is what I do:

And this is the resault:

It should be possible make white look like white, but I only get a white appearence with imported files, and even in this case if I try to modify anything related to the appearence the "white" color is not white any more.

Up to now I have to write a note on the drawing to explain that color is supposed to be white. Any other sugestion?