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    Why no Auto Balloons in MDB?

    李 加 贤 李 加 贤

      I need auto balloons in MBD, i could put the explode view with all balloons (in auto balloons function) and BOM in 3D PDF.

      That will clear for user to see every parts and items.


      But now there is no this function.

      What could be the reason for it?

      Oboe Wu

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          Oboe Wu

          Thank you, Jiaxian.

          Auto ballooning in 3D makes sense and we are looking into it.

          2D drawings have a 20-year head start over MBD. Lots of enhancements have been added to 2D drawings in the years of accumulation.

          MBD is catching up quickly as you will see in the 2017 release, but we are not there yet on auto ballooning.

          The other consideration is it's relatively easy to automatically lay out all the balloons nicely on a 2D plane. In 3D, it's a bit more complicated with the rotations and different perspectives.

          What are your priorities here? Simply calling out balloons automatically? Nice layout? Sort balloon orders? Balloons in exploded views only? Or in both exploded and collapsed views? What about their orientations? I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas.



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              李 加 贤 李 加 贤

              Thank you, Oboe.

              You consider very carefully and  deeply, MBD is the future.

              I want to make a assembly drawing 3D PDF, contains explode view with all balloons and bom, so that other people can find the parts quickly.

              It is only slower than add balloons one by one, if i have this function, i can add all bom id to explode view at one time.

              I think:

              1. Simply calling out all balloons automatically.(first needed)
              2. Nice layout.(all LEFT/RIGHT/TOP/ DOWN/SQUARE is enough)
              3. Sort balloon orders.(not very important)
              4. Balloons in exploded views only.(i just need add very few balloons in no-exploded views)