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View Factor - Surface to Ambient

Question asked by Andreas Lunzer on Sep 7, 2016

I have a question regarding Radiant Heat Transfer.


I wanna simulate an object cooling down. I already simulated it with external cooling and natural convection. Now I wanna see the influence from radiant heat transfer.


Now I am facing a problem because I don't know which view factor to choose. I do know what the view factor is, at least I thought so but now I don't know the appropriate value. So I am only interested in simulating heat emitted from my object without heating anything external up.


So my question is why do I need a view factor if I am only interested in cooling down the object and/or is it irrelevant and I should set it to 1 ?

Or would it be wiser to simulate it surface to surface with open system settings?


I thought the view factor is only important if I have to consider specific angles between surfaces.


I already used the search feature and read the help pages - Any help and suggestions are appreciated.