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Template Path Problem in Flow Simulation 2009

Question asked by 1-DVFMOQ on Sep 26, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2008 by 1-DVFMOQ

I don't know if somebody else has this error in Flow SImulation 2009 :

When I insert a new goal plot in the results section after a calculation has completed, I am getting the message shown on the attached screenshot.

Obviously, the file path is not good :

"c:\program files\SolidWorks 2009\Cosmos\lang\english \\template\goals\goals.xlt"

Any ideas where to change it ? I looked in the options of SW and Floworks but I have been unable to find out exactly where it is... I even looked into the registry.

Otherwise, I will go back using FloWorks 2008 until the next Service Pack.

Thanks in advance

Louis-Alexandre Dubé, eng.
GE Canada