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    EPDM change state missing in history

    Shivashankar Banakar

      I revised drawing (2D & 3D) to major change but history did not capture and EPDM not shoing any details of Data card for drawing file. What will be the problem? Using 2016 version upgrade from 2014 SW recently.@

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          Stephen Lapic

          From what little I see, 2jpg shows the drawing file at Rev 01B and 1jpg also shows a file (same?) at Rev 01B.  To me this looks normal.  I do see in the history that work has been done to that file and that the versions have increased.  I also see that it is still in the Design state.  Without knowing your workflow I would just hazard a guess that if the file would be transitioned to Released then the Revision would go up.  Since you appear to have an alpha/numeric revision going on you may have other states that it can be transitioned to that may also affect the revision level.  Once again, without looking at your workflow in detail I wouldn't know for sure.