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Help cutting with surfaces

Question asked by Ben Mitchell on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Ben Mitchell


Working on something a bit more complex than I'm accustomed to:  Designing a boat.


I've modeled the skin of the hull and am now working on determining the shape of bulkheads that would fit within that skin.  To do this, I put the skin and an oversized bulkhead into the same assembly, and then added surfaces to the bulkhead part from the skin part via the mated assembly.  This all went fine.  What I can't seem to accomplish, however, is cutting the bulkhead using the surface.


The part is attached.  Would love any suggestions y'all have on how to end up with something that's a section of the rectangular solid that's currently the oversized bulkhead that fills the void between the skin surfaces.


(This is hard to describe in text but should be clear upon opening the part...)