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Sheet Metal Drawings - Long Rebuild Time

Question asked by Tim Holt on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Vineet Upender Reddy

I have a tank weldment file that is composed of ~40 bodies, mostly sheet metal with a few weldment pieces and some regular bodies. The model itself behaves well, my issue is with working with the drawing of this part. The drawing is mildly complex (~16 pages with flat patterns for all parts + welded views) all in all doesn't seem like anything extreme.


However, the rebuild times on this drawing are unbearable. Even if I only load the first page with a few views and a cut list (leaving all remaining pages in quick view) the rebuild on open time is 10+ minutes, with automatic cut list update off.


I've had similar problems with other sheet metal models. As soon as I reach a moderate to large number of bodies my rebuild time explodes.


I know this is not a resource issue since my ram is holding at ~30% usage and my cpu is barely at 15% usage.


I'm fairly confident that this is an issue with the flat patterns for these sheet metal bodies because saving flat patterns to dxf's from these files also takes a very long time. (note that just flattening a component works well, its the exporting to dxf - after clicking the green check mark- that takes 10+ minutes per part.)


Has anyone else experienced these issues/found a workaround?


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