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Import STEP, IGES and ACIS drawings convert from Rhinoceros

Question asked by Wilma Daemen on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Doug Seibel

Hi,   I am a product designer working in Rhinoceros Version 5 SR11 64-bit.  My colleague in China is working with Solidworks 2014.   I have converted the Rhinoceros drawings into STEP (AP214 Automotive design) or IGES (default or solidworks surfaces or solidworks solids) or ACIS (solidworks) but I get always the same answer: he can open the drawings but not edit them. And the drawings he receives (STEP,IGES or ACIS) are “flat” in 2D but I only send him 3D parts and assemblies.   Am I doing something wrong or should he open the drawings in a special way. What else can I recommend them to do.