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    EPDM renaming not carrying through

    Mike Price

      Hi all,


      I have three files checked into EPDM.  A sldprt, slddrw, and a sldasm.


      I rename (right click the file and click rename).  Open the slddrw and it recognizes the drawing, open the sldasm and it says it can't find the file.


      Clearly I must be doing something wrong?  Also, when I do a rename, I do not get the option to select the references as I did in SW explorer.





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          Ryan McVay

          EPDM is not SW Explorer. It basically comes down to SW doesn't really know about EPDM and EPDM doesn't know about SW. You made changes to a data record (filename) but SW doesn't recognize the change in its internal file references.

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              Mike Price

              What I have found out is that I must have the files checked in for EPDM to retain the references.  EPDM is acting like SW Explorer by finding external references (without prompting me which reference documents I want my rename to carry through to) once I have the files checked in.


              I can checkout the files or have them checked in, but once they have initially be checked in, I can rename one and not lose references through EPDM.


              What I did wrong was have the sldasm not checked in.  Even though it was in my local vault, I was not able to rename the part and have it carry through to the assy until the assy was renamed.


              I am quite aware that EPDM is not SW Explorer, but sure would be nice to for them to have provided some of the same capabilities.....

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                  Michael Dekoning



                  SW Explorer itself allows you to do things (rename, search, copy) similar to having a PDM system. It is also a client for PDM workgroup which doesn't include a database. EPDM works differently as it was designed for dispersed groups of users. The changes aren't written to the database until you check in the file(s).