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Renaming/copying in EPDM when offline

Question asked by Mike Price on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Michael Dekoning

Hi all,


I am not extremely familiar with EPDM, but generally understand the system.  However, when I am offline, if I copy (ctrl-c) a part and a drawing (drawing is drawing of the part for which I am copying) from my desktop or some other non-EPDM folder, and then go to paste (ctrl-v) into the EPDM vault while I am OFFLINE, I get the following error:


9-5-2016 7-03-18 PM.jpg


So....what I do is have an EPDM folder open and a folder with these files in them and then drag the files over to EPDM.  It will then copy the files......again, this is in offline mode.


So now that I have 793-18 part and drawing in EPDM, I know that I do not use SW explorer (for which I have a deep affection), but just right click the file and select rename.  So of course now I rename the part, go to open the drawing, and as I was not prompted with any reference update as I am in SW explorer, I am suspect of whether or not the slddrw was updated with the correct reference.  Drawing fails as it is looking for the old part number.......


Please advise.  I have users (including me) that will use EPDM offline a lot and this will only make us work locally, then move files over to EPDM when we get back online....


Thanks for the help in advance,