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    Basic Surface Thicken Error

    Armand Matossian

      Hello all,


      I am baffled by why this simple surface is not thickening. I am experienced with surface modeling and created this basic shape with the proper four boundaries for a boundary surface. Evaluating the curvature shows no signs of tight radii, the mesh shows zero singularities and it is a stand alone surface with no joining surfaces. Any ideas?

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          Thomas Voetmann

          3-sided surfaces are always a pain. Even when you divide one side into two. Your problem area is where Sketch10 meets Sketch17.

          If I trim away just 1/150000 in it will offset. Doing this you will also see that the offset surface is divided into two surfaces. This is often a danger sign.

          Another way to create you surfaces is using Filled Surface instead of Boundary Surface. I know the geometry is slightly different and you have less control, but it could save your day.

          Finally sometimes Loft Surface produces a better result regarding boundary conditions though I generally prefer Boundary Surface. And in this case Loft Surface does make an offsettable surface.