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Benefits of Cold Storage

Question asked by Sam Zerbst on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Michael Ferraro

Hi All,


I am currently looking into Cold Storage for our vault and would like to know exactly what benefits we would be getting from it. The obvious point would be to free up space on the archive server but we would also require the same amount of space somewhere else (we will archive rather than delete at this stage).


Another benefit I assume could be a slight increase to performance/speed of the vault as the number of database files will significantly decrease. Is there any indication of how much, if any, performance increase we could get? Of course this depends on how many recent versions are kept however what I'm asking is are there an metrics that can be used to justify or measure the use of cold storage?


We currently have 140,000 files in our vault to give you an idea of scale.


Any advice is appreciated, thanks.