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Issue with HDR Light Studio and live connection.

Question asked by Christophe Tournier on Sep 6, 2016

Hi everyone,


I have an issue for creating environements with HDR light studio from Visualize 2016 sp1.


Last week, I bought HDR Light Studio with SolidWorks Visualize connection. When I click the 'New HDR Light Studio' button in the settings area, HDR Light Studio, a new blank HDR Light Studio environment is created and HDR Light Studio is launched in a "live connection".

When I add a new light into HDR LS, the Visualize view doesn't update anything. If I clic on the 3D model in the Visualize view to position my active light in HDR LS, the light will be correctly oriented on HDR LS.

The resolution of the new HDR ceated with HDR LS in Visualze is 0x0.

When I try to render the HDR with HDR LS, it crashes.


What can I do to get the live view in Visualize and why does HDR LS crashes at each HRD rendering.


thanks for your support.