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    Projecting text on a conic face

    Jordi Pérez

      Hi buddies,

      I am modelling a camera lens and I need to project a line of text envolving a cone extrussion.

      It is easy using the envolve tool when I have to project the text on a cylinder, but in the case of a cone I can not get it except if I do it separately building a new tangent-to-cone plane for each small text entity. This can work in the lens case (so I'm projecting single numbers and icons) but if we would have to do the same with a line of text this method wouldn't be acceptable.


      Could anybody suggest a way to do this text placement with a single operation?


      Thank you very very much


      Image 1: Envolving the text succesfully on a cylinder.


      Image 2: Creating a tangent-to-cone sketch plane.


      Image3: Obtaining a non satisfactory projection



      PS: I noticed the conical face planar development appearing on the sketch plane when I am using the envolve tool. I suppose I have to addapt the text to this shape before envolving, but I don't know how to get identical lines in the sketch plane.