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Get Child Component

Question asked by Di Anne on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Keith Rice

Hi SW Community,


Im am currently working on a macro that will get all the components inside a sub-assembly..

But I need to get them on how they are arranged in the assembly.

So I used the Feature function, but when I get the component inside the sub assembly I cannot

cast it to component even though I already check if its component or not.


Here's my code.

Feature swFeat = (Feature)swModel.FirstFeature();


while((swFeat != null)\
Entity entity = (Entity)swFeat;
// check if component
 if (entity.GetType() == (int)swSelectType_e.swSelCOMPONENTS)
 Component2 comp = (Component2)swFeat.GetSpecificFeature2();
if (!comp.ExcludeFromBOM & !comp.IsSuppressed())
Feature swSubFeat = (Feature)((ModelDoc2)comp.GetModelDoc2()).FirstFeature();

while ((swSubFeat!= null))
if (((Entity)swSubFeat).GetType() == (int)swSelectType_e.swSelCOMPONENTS)
/// I have a problem in casting the swSubFeat into component
Component2 subComp = (Component2)swSubFeat.GetSpecificFeature2();
swSubFeat= (Feature)swSubFeat.GetNextSubFeature();

swFeat = (Feature)swFeat.GetNextFeature();



Does anyone know why I cant cast the swSubFeat into component even though I already checked if the feature is component or not?



Thanks in advance.