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SolidWorks EPDM replace file with another one tool similar to SolidWorks replace feature required

Question asked by Bartlomiej Burkowicz on Sep 1, 2016
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We have recently moved a lot of data from PDM into EPDM, our files in PDM were for example XX_XXXX after we moved them we changed them to be MSXXXXXX so we dropped "_" and added "MS" - everything would be done at the moment if we would copy over everything in one operation and "move with replace option in EPDM" but we didn't (my advice after that to you is to move all the files at the beginning check them into EPDM and then you can rename them as you wish) so now we have a problems that for example we have same part number called for example 07_1234 and MS071234 ideal feature for this operation of merging would be "replace" function in EPDM similar to SolidWorks replace feature but nothing like that was invented so far - is anybody have an idea how to replace XX_XXXX with MSXXXXX files in EPDM?


I know there are ways to do that like update reference or files open and then replace all XX_XXXX files but the problems is there is so many of them so we are looking for some automatic way of doing that.


I also tried to unlock EPDM for to allow me multiple files with the same names and then remove the XX_XXXX but it didn't work as EPDM internally call all created parts with unique part numbering system...