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Sub-assmbly and QTY not showing in BOM

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Sep 1, 2016
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So I was asked to put together all the QTYs I needed for Fabrication of some Duct Stands that we need for our machine. I have several main assemblies of each stand size. Each Duct stand has a pre-made sub-assembly that is part of the stand, then the final assembly has the Pre-made stand and the mount attached. The problem I found as when I placed all the stands into an assembly file and then into a drawing the Pre-made stand is not showing up in the "Parts Only" or "Top Level" BOM at all. The Indented BOM does show this pre-made sub-assembly, however the QTYs are wrong.



How do I get the QTY without merely counting it on the screen like I did to get the info I needed? I think I know what SW was thinking, but most people I know what a final count, not a partial count that has to be multiplied to find the final count.