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Rotatory Hose .. deformation due to the gravity 

Question asked by Bryan Muñoz on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Peter De Vlieger

Hello everybody,


I' m doing my Final Year Project (mechanical engineering).. designing the estructure of firefighting system of a boat.. i' m doing all the boat on Solidworks but when I want to apply the solution i' ve found for the gangway.. I can' t do it, so that' s why I' m writing here in this forum..


First of all, i' ve been searching answers all around this forum and on the internet but i' ve found nothing..


The idea is:


I want to do a rotatory hose that when the footbridge moves, the hose moves too, like in real world, due to the gravity, taking a curvilinean form.

I' ve fixed the hose on two flanges but when I do a spline .. the assembly moves but not the hose..


Also I've tried with the Static Analysis from the Simulation's Complement... but I think what i need is a Dynamic Study of all the assembly.


I' ve got the SOLIDWORKS ROUTING complement but i don' t know how it could help to me for this problem..


Thank you very much and.. sorry for my english..