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adding parts with multiple configurations to toolbox

Question asked by John Smith on Sep 1, 2016

I want to add a few files to solidworks toolbox so that I could manage them in an assembly the same way standard toolbox parts would be managed (through right-clicking the part and choosing manage toolbox component). how can i access the configurations inside the solidworks toolbox settings app? please look at the pictures attached. one is for a standard one the other is for the part i want to add to toolbox. I can't set configs in toolbox settings app.

the file that i have added to toolbox has around 50 configurations but i cant manage them in toolbox setting. when i import them into assemblies all the configurations are listed but this is not how solidworks treats its own standard toolbox parts. when standard ones are imported only the chosen config is recognized and the rest of  them are deleted which decreases the assembly file size.