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Is it Table's Bug?? value was changed automaticly When i change a file name

Question asked by テ ソ ン キ ム on Sep 1, 2016

Hi all.

I want you to check this phenomenon if you know this.

First. I got a Assembly and related parts and draws(I didn't make this and i am sw developer, don't know Solidworks detaily)

Second. I tried test many pattern, But this problem occur by only one pattern and this files. I could't Reproduce to use other files.


Can you see the ex1.jpg image?

This is the table image what Assembly file's draw file.

files struct like this.

-> A9HXXXXX.asm(.drw)


       -> ...(010 -> 020 030 ... 080)



Cells amost linked part's propertys, Except wraped red.

So. problem happen If i do this.



3. V116XXXXXXN.SLDPRT save new name for instance V116XXXXXXN-1.SLDPART

4. open another Part and Drw Files for instance A9HXXXXS080.SLDPRT, A9HXXXXS080.SLDDRW

5. Save new name Part file for instance A9HXXXX-S0840.SLDPRT -> A9HXXXX-00AS080.SLDPRT


look result.png

table's no 10 record was be linked V116~ File's

And the not linked two cell moved to no8 record.


But, No8 record still linked A9HXXXX-00AS080.SLDPRT file, just showed like that.

If i Edit No8's B and D field to blank. they are changed A9HXXXX-00AS080 and Mounting Plate.


I don't know why happen like this.

please teach me if you know reason of this phenomenon.

thank you.