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Toolbox cosmetic thread what am I doing wrong...?

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Sep 1, 2016

Okay, when I add hardware to an assy using toolbox I get this:


as you can see it is a DIN 912 standard M5x22 Hex SHCS with cosmetic threads turned on.


When I edit the part, and the cosmetic thread feature I get this:


Shouldn't this say DIN standard, Machine thread, and M5?  The reason this is a problem is because when I do an interference check on the assemblies I am working on I want to capture the matching cosmetic threads, but I cant if the specification and the thread are not present in the hardware... I kind of though this is what toolbox was all about.  Instead every bolt in every hole shows up as interference because the cosmetic threads don't actually match...


Is there an option the toolbox configuration utility I am missing...?