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Importing Terminals.xls to xml

Question asked by Chris Fitzsimmons on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2008 by Andy Hughes
We have just updated to 2008, sp4, I'm using the electrical routing and I have found many problems with the set up of the harness librarys. When i try to import an excel file, it doesn't add to the library. infact after updating I lost my librarys all together.
After importing i went back to check the library and found that it was not visible via the edit property manager. I then open the terminals.xml file with an editor only to find that it didn't update at all, but I had managed to somehow corrupt not only the terminals library but all the librarys except cable, wires and parts, I believe these are still working because there is the option to nominate there location in the routing options?
Also another bug I have discoverd is that the location for the block files when creating a 2d harness drawing of C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2008\design library\routing\electrical\harnessing\packages, can't be found by the software. To fix it I had the create a file location similar to the orginal 2007 location of C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\design library\routing\electrical\harnessing\packages otherwise it couldn't find it. Can some please help me to fix this problem with my librarys cause it is driving me nuts.