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Insert eDrawings file (.easm) into a part/assembly

Question asked by Scott Moran on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2008 by Scott Moran
I have an eDrawings file of one of our companies parts (which is quite complex). The original part file has been lost during a computer crash and the only remains of this part we can find is an EASM from an internal e-mail.

Surely there's a way to get this EASM file into Solidworks so that we can easily redraw the part, or just use it as a solid body.

I have tried "Insert > Part" and tried opening the file in Solidworks but it seems that Solidworks can't even recognise what is essentially it's own native file.

Using SW 2008 Office Pro.

Does anyone know if you can do this or not, and if yes, how?