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How Does Solidworks Handle Image Quality

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Derek Eldridge

Can anyone help with this?

When I set the Image Quality for a part, it seems to change once it is in an assy.


  • Where is image quality stored, i expect in the part?
    • Does the assy override the image quality and;
      • if so, does the new override cause the part to re-save the new image quality settings in the part file.
  • Can parts have different image quality within one assay?
  • Essentially, what is the expected behavior of the image quality settings, and the best practice to control them?

To evaluate, I'm using Assy Visualization with Graphics-Triangles to see the amount of Triangles being evaluated after each setting change, and a Ctrl+Q to force rebuild.