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HSMWorks/Xpress Edit - objects and their properties

Question asked by Chris Kearney on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Chris Kearney

This is for all you CAM junkies / machine operators - I want to generate usable tool tags from a setup sheet!


I'm hacking on the post file called 'tool sheet.cps'. Here's an example of the output Setup Sheet:



The Problem:

The specific problem I'm having is that the property 'tool.material' (the material which the cutting tool is made of) comes up 'unspecified' (actual value displayed is zero). From some testing, I already know that the function 'getMaterialName()' takes the following numerical input and outputs the following words:

  • 1 - hss
  • 2 - ti coated
  • 3 - carbide
  • 4 - ceramics
  • 0 or 5 - unspecified


However, using the function 'getMaterialName(tool.material)' for the tool definition below should output 'carbide' as selected below, but it outputs 'unspecified' instead (as shown above).

Inline image 1



What I really need is a glossary of objects and properties HSMWorks/HSMXpress can call so I can make the best Tool Setup Sheet ever. Any leads?


Thank you,