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Is there a way to create a part by only using custom pull down menus?

Question asked by Kolburn Kersten on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Voverrr Mironoff

Is there a way to create a part by only using a pull down menu? For exampe, like a structural member. There are pull downs to select and SW will automatically create your part. Is there anyway I can personally create a tab/window like this and add in features of my own on a more advanced level than just adding in a "structural member" sketch?

I have a pipe 1.5" OD and I want custom holes to be placed on the pipe equally spaced on the same plane. like this [    o    o    o    o    o    ]  sometimes the holes differ in spaced lengths (10" 15" 20") and sometimes the hole distances differ from the very first hole and the very last hole from the edge of the pipe. (either 1" or 1.5")


I would like to set up a window with pull downs so someone could just select these dimensions them within the window without actually having to create sketches, extruding, cutting, adding chamfers, etc... I know it would seem like a lot of work setting it up but I think for the next people wanting to create these pipes it would take them way less time instead of creating this part from scratch or looking for a part number for a pipe and then having to modify it.