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Dimension notes keep getting removed?

Question asked by Christopher Sudlik on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Pavel Georgiev

So a lot of our files were made with holes that are just extruded cuts because that was the way the older engineers in our office do it, and to make sure our DXFs for laser cutting are accurate, all of the threading detail is added to the dimension in the text area, and sometimes dimensions on sheet metal are marked as inside or outside.


However, whenever I open many of these files, the dimension shows up with the color of having changed since the drawing was last opened, and all of those details are wrong. If somebody besides me or the creator opens them and prints them, we end up with drawings missing thread notes and other important details on the shop floor getting parts half made, and also misquoted.


I know nobody is going in and deleting that info, it seems the software is reverting the dimension to it's original state for no reason without the part ever having been opened. Is this a known problem? Are there known and documented solutions?